English scripts for translation into AtesoEdit

Please try to avoid changing the English script on these pages but if you do then you can check the 'safe' English DVD scripts for reference. Changes to the English script will be 'repaired' by administrators as soon as possible and 'signed' on the page so that it is clear without looking at old edit histories that a repair has been done. In the unlikely event of vandalism to the English script the page may need to be reverted to the last edit.

Regularly checking of edits to English scripts is the main priority for administrators.

This is a team-work project. You can edit other peoples translations if you find substantial errors of grammar, meaning or 'natural' use of the language. As the language should be kept fairly simple then differences of opinion should be small and can be discussed between editors in the talk pages. If you find vandalised translations then please leave a message on the talk pages and repair the translation if you can.

  • Ateso_input_resources - If you know of fonts or resources that will help other translators then please make (by clicking the link) and add to this page. If you know the name of the font you are using then please add it to the page (only important for non-Latin characters.)
  • Note to translators - If you are a new translator then please take the time to read these notes.

lesson-language tableEdit

Red = No page yet, Blue = Page exists for editing, Black = Production/Released.
HIV/AIDS Ateso - DVD Available
Basic Hygiene Ateso - DVD Available
Avoiding Malaria Ateso
Safe Water Ateso - DVD Available
TB Can Be Cured Ateso - DVD Available
Having an HIV Test Ateso - DVD Available
Living With HIV Ateso - DVD Available
Caring for Someone With AIDS Ateso - DVD Available
How to Take Your HIV Medicine Ateso
HIV/AIDS: A Guide For Children Ateso
Diarrhoea Ateso - DVD Available
Immunisation Ateso - DVD Available
Breastfeeding Ateso - DVD Available
Healthy Eating Ateso - DVD Available
When to Have a Baby Ateso - DVD Available
Becoming a Man Ateso
Becoming a Woman Ateso
Looking After Your Teeth Ateso - DVD Available
You and Your New Baby Ateso - DVD Available
Bednets Can Save Lives Ateso - DVD Available
Cholera Ateso
High Blood Pressure Ateso - DVD Available
Dangers of Alcohol Ateso - DVD Available
Dangers of Smoking Ateso
Say No to Glue and Drugs Ateso
Human Trafficking Ateso
Safer Sex for Teenagers Ateso
TBA Skills Pregnancy Ateso
Planting Trees is Good Ateso
Making Compost Ateso
Beware of Landmines Ateso